Pedro might pitch in WBC

Another big star might join the Baseball biggest event, Pedro Martinez of New York Met hasn’t decided yet, but he already considers it.

Still try to help Mets not to finish last in the NL East; Pedro talked about representing the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic next spring. He just mentions that “I will give them support if I can. That’s my country, Why not?”

Asked if he would pitch or not, although there is no decision yet, Martinez said. “Everybody is supposed to represent their country. If I don’t, being healthy, in my country it would be a disaster.”

For the Dominican Republic Team, which should include several superstar like Vladimir Guerrero, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz, is one of best team in World Baseball Classic 2006.

Martinez also thinks the competition would be good, and said “The United States will have a great team, but we’ll be pretty good. It will be fun.”

Martinez mulling second team

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