Jason Bay, main force of Canada

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2004 NL Rookie of the Year, Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Jason Bay will join the Team Canada in World Baseball Classic next March.

Born from British Columbia, only two years MLB experience, but Jason Bay has become one of the forefronts of Canadians in the majors. After hitting .282 with 26 homers and 82 RBIs last season to Rookie of the Year, he did not have sophomore jinx, but improve to .306 with 32 homers, 101 RBIs and 110 runs, include upgrade on-base percentage up to .402 and stay healthy for playing all 162 games.

He will represent Canada in March at the World Baseball Classic, will rest and spend the off-season at his new home in Phoenix until January, when training for the World Baseball Classic will get started and fight for Canada.

Below are other Canadians who migjt join the World Baseball Classic:
Outfielder Larry Walker, Right hander Eric Gagne, First baseman Justin Morneau, Right-hander Rich Harden, Left-hander Jeff Francis, Third baseman Corey Koskie, Left-hander Erik Bedard, Right-hander Ryan Dempster, Utility man Peter Orr, Designated Hitter Matt Stairs, Left-hander Rheal Cormier, Reliever Jesse Crain, Reliever Chris Reitsma, Reliever Paul Quantrill, Catcher Pete Laforest, Outfielder Adam Stern.

Bay is better safe than sorry
No slump for Bay

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