Japan release exhibition games schedule, Matsui undecided

Hideki Matsui - 2003 World Series, Game 2, Home Run
Japan’s World Baseball Classic Team will play exhibition games against Chiba Lotte Marines and the Yomiuri Giants, and Hideki Matsui still undecided if he will join or not.

Japan, who leads by Sadaharu Oh, will play against a team made up of non-WBC members from the 12 clubs in Nippon Professional baseball at Yahoo Dome in Fukuoka on Feb. 24 and 25. Then Japan will play with Marines on Feb 27 at Yahoo Dome and Giants at Tokyo Dome on March 1.

Japan will play against China on March 3th, Taiwan on March 4th and Korea on March 5th at Tokyo Dome. The top two teams of Pool A will advance to the second round to be played in the Angel Stadium begin on March 12.

Japan already announced the 29-man roster for inaugural World Baseball Classic, however, the remains one roster spot still pending. New York Yankees outfielder Hideki Matsui is still undecided on whether he will join or not.

“The situation hasn’t changed at all. I’m still thinking it over. But I would like to let manager Sadaharu Oh know what I’ll do as soon as he comes back from Taiwan,” Matsui said during a visit to Tochigi Prefecture. Oh is visiting Taiwan and is scheduled to return to Japan on Saturday.

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